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3 Piece Ivory Wedding Suit


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Men’s 3 Piece Ivory Slim Fit Wedding Suit

When looking for the ideal wedding dress, there are several styles, shapes, price ranges, and designers to take into account. However, if you have a fundamental grasp of wedding dress fabrics and when they should be worn, choosing between three pieces could be simpler. How formal you want your wedding day to be ultimately determines the outcome. A Ivory Wedding Suit has your name all on it if you favor an ageless, classic look. This fashionable and refined outfit, which consists of a pair of pants, a jacket, a waistcoat, and a dress shirt or formal shirt, is the ideal getup for a fancy event and is guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention on your wedding day.

Except for beach weddings, the Ivory three-piece suit is ideal for wedding-related occasions. For a guest, it’s the ideal method of getting ready for a wedding – For a casual yet polished look, simply swap out your formal shoes for some fine dress loafers or timeless pumps. Every winter party will be more alluring and enjoyable when you wear an ivory color outfit that puts the wearer in the front rows. This costume produces a terrific and enticing posture with its stylish and traditional look. Get it right away and save a ton of money! You may stay in front of the curve in terms of both style and practicality by donning this intriguing ensemble.

Simply said, this clothing is a piece of art in and of itself. To steal the show, get this masterpiece right immediately.Enhance your sense of fashion with top-notch attire designed to boost posture and control body temperature. High-end fabric is used to make the Wedding Suit on show. A plush viscose lining also gives its interior strength. Additionally, it may allow full-length sleeves, and the stylish white color is the only one available for the outfit. It also includes a vest and a pair of pants.



  • External Fabric : Suiting Fabric
  • Internal Fabric : Viscose Inner Lining
  • Front Closure : Button Closure
  • Pockets : Welt Pocket on The Chest
  • Color : Ivory
  • Sleeves : Full Sleeves


  • Front : Zipper Closure
  • Pockets : Two Side Pockets
  • Color : Ivory


  • Front :  Button Closure, V-Neck Style
  • Pockets : Two Pockets
  • Color : Ivory

Ivory Wedding Suit

20 reviews for 3 Piece Ivory Wedding Suit

  1. Christophe Leblanc

    I love how this outfit fits me. I am 200 pounds and 6.2 inches tall. Everything is ideally suited. It resembles an individualized suit. I purchased more in a different color but the same size. I even received an identical-sized three piece suit from prime jackets. The cost is reasonable and not exorbitant. I adore it. I purchased this suit for work. Without a doubt, I would return for more. I heartily endorse it.

  2. Wayne Werner

    This garment has pretty much satisfied me. It will require minor modifications, but nothing unusual, just like any off-the-rack suit. Couldn’t have asked for more at the price. Though not much more so than any other suit from a large department shop, the pants are a little baggy in the hips and legs. After making the necessary adjustments (cutting the sleeves and hem the pants), I should still be able to save a lot of money!

  3. Carlos Flowers

    For my husband’s roaring 20s party, I bought him this item. He looked wonderful in it and was astounded by its quality. I was thrilled with the way it looked and he got plenty of compliments. I will buy it for him again for the next party!

  4. Lloyd McGinnis

    Extremely satisfied with my purchase. Images are true to life. 58 198 lbs. 32 waist, 40 chest. The jacket fit me perfectly. gathered the sides of the vest. The pants had a high break and were tapered. These are standard adjustments I would need to make to any outfit. However, I do think that every suit needs to be tailored. Remarkably pleasant material that resists wrinkling. Superior than the cheap suits I’ve discovered at department stores. Seriously, the hair below suits from upscale establishments!

  5. Enrique Mathews

    The way this suit fit surprised me in a good way. With a 34″ inseam, my son stands 6’6″ tall. His arms and torso are both longer. He fit well in the made-to-measure that I ordered! The suit sleeves look excellent with his arms down, but when he raises them, they are a little too short. It looks wonderful with his shirt sleeves pushed out. Without a doubt, I would suggest this suit!

  6. Karl Gillespie

    For my son, I purchased this. Finding the perfect fit is usually difficult for him because of his knobby knees and tiny jeans. Though the smallest size of this suit was a touch too big on him, it still looked fantastic when the vest was pinched all the way in and a belt was worn. I purchased two Prime jacket suits for him, and both have held up quite nicely.

  7. Mitch Snyder

    This outfit fits perfectly despite being incredibly cheap. I chose the 36, and it fit me just well. I just took it to the dry cleaners to be ironed. I was showered with accolades. For me, the material was just the right amount of thick and thin. easygoing and cozy. This costume is amazing. adore it

  8. Mitchell Wolf

    I purchased this suit for my spouse, who is apprehensive about doing internet clothing orders. However, this one worked out well in terms of fit and quality. I heartily suggest this product.

  9. Ira Espinoza

    For high school dances and weddings, I bought it for my son. Although a soccer player with bigger legs, I had a growth spurt, thus this functioned nicely despite the slim fit. When we outgrew the first one, we bought it again! three-piece ensemble. wherever he wears it, he gets lots of compliments!

  10. Manuel Sheldon

    To be honest, this suit really impressed me. The trousers were wonderful after I had them gently adjusted to give me an inch in waste and raised the bottom by another inch. Well worth the investment.

  11. Michael Archer

    I’m six feet tall and have a slender build, but this fit me so nicely that people were staring. superior quality. excellent design. precisely on target. Despite being in use in the exhibit, the blazer front pocket isn’t actual as one might anticipate. Nonetheless, I’m thrilled with my purchase.

  12. Clayton Fox

    This is a wavy suit. The pants are a little bit longer than I need, so I’m having them altered. I want them to just barely touch the top of my shoes. I adore this suit other than that.

  13. Victor Hartman

    The customer support has been outstanding throughout. I had several questions concerning the suits and the made-to-measure aspect of it because I only received one made-to-measure and the other sizes were standard. Anything from this site is highly recommended!

  14. Clark Carr

    I was pleasantly delighted because I had been a little concerned that I wouldn’t receive my purchase in time and that the quality would be a little suspect. The suit was quite excellent, and the packing was very solid. appeared exactly like in the photo. Though a little long, true to size. It won’t be an issue because my wife sews. Will repurchase

  15. Colin William

    My three-piece suit arrived in a matter of days after I placed my order. The outfit was a perfect fit when I tried it on. The fabric is wonderfully soft and comfortable for spring and summer. An essential! The inside lining is also really lovely and unique. As the owner of a multimedia/film production company, I don’t give a damn about names or prices as long as the work is of excellent quality and looks well, thus I heartily suggest these people!

  16. Javier Lindsay

    Very good suit; excellent fit and quality. unquestionably made to fit a smaller frame. At 511″ and 150 pounds, I chose a 38. You might wish to get in touch with the seller to find out what size will fit you if you have a larger frame.

  17. Brent Merritt

    After being promised to come in a week, these goods showed up in just three days! The suit fits perfectly, and the quality is excellent. I was expecting to have it tailored because I bought it online, but his fit me exactly. Fortunately, I look fantastic in this suit. WHOA! This dealer has my next purchase of another suit. Recognize that your measurements are exact. My favorite suit I’ve ever bought!

  18. Jim Adkins

    I’m eager to see how long this continues. In fact, I got the suit from Prime Jackets with the expectation that the cloth would be cozy and soft. I can attest that this suit is just as described; it looks and feels just like it does in the product photos and description.

  19. Derrick Darling

    Fabulous! I cherish my suit! In addition to being cool and light, the color looks fantastic! Because they take your measurements to ensure that the suit fits properly, the pants are long enough and not saggy like cheap suits! The buttons have extremely sturdy stitching.

  20. Cesar McCormick

    I was taken aback by the fit and quality. I was somewhat aback to see that the suit fits well right out of the packaging; I had assumed I would need to make a quick trip to the tailor to have the sleeves and pants adjusted. I don’t have any issues with it. I usually modify new suits, but this one didn’t require any alterations from me.

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