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San Francisco Golden Bomber Satin Jacket


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Vintage San Francisco 49Ers Jacket For Men’s


These days people always look forward to the best looking clothes
at all times, when it comes to dressing up nicely how can you not have this
beauty in hands. This jacket has been made with the best quality satin finished
material over the gold base and the glossy shine makes it an extravagant choice.
The jacket has a closure of buttons at the front side and the edging has been
all done in red and white color. This San Francisco 49Ers Jacket has sleeves in full, there is a
logo of San Francisco on the chest side and it looks out of the world. The
jacket has pockets on the sides and the back of this beauty is all plain and
simple with a lot of class comprised in it.

Caring Tips

The satin material gets cleaned very quickly; just wipe it
off with a piece of cloth and all the dust vanishes in seconds.

Benefit of Product

Very rarely people are able to find something as a party
wear and this jacket could be a great choice in that case.


  • Material: Satin finished
  • Full sleeves
  • Edging in white and red
  • Golden colored base
  • Closure of buttons
  • Pockets on the sides
  • Logo at the chest


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