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Women Sheepskin Aviator Flying Belted B3 Black Jacket


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B3 Black Bomber White Fur Shearling Jacket Women


Ladies always look forward to having a jacket which is suitable for all occasions and at the same time they also need a comfortable choice as well. This jacket could be a perfect choice in such cases because where it is classy and stylish on the same time is it extremely comfortable. The outer of this jacket is made with the real leather material and the inner and collars are finished with shearling fur and the color of this fur is white. The jacket also has a closure of zip at the front and there are pockets too, also there is a belted closure on the waistline which also amounts to be a comfortable choice.

Caring Tips

Make sure to clean it very carefully because fur is a
sensitive material and use just a simple damp cloth for cleaning purpose.

Benefit of Product

The inner of this jacket is made using shearling fur which
is very comfortable and hence offers to be a big benefit.


  • Real leather base
  • Shearling fur in white color
  • Full sleeves
  • Closure of zip
  • Pockets of zipper
  • Belted closure on the waistline
  • Various sizes to go for
  • Choice of size customization


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