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Mens A2 USAAF Air Force Aviator Cockpit Bomber Distressed Black Leather Jacket


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Vintage Air Force Flight Pilot Aviator Cockpit Men’s A2 Black Leather Jacket

We know a number of people who always look for the most decent and graceful clothing at all times and this black leather jacket is also one of its kinds which must be opted for as a must-have thing.This Mens A2 Usaf Black Jacket is very comfortable and very simple kind of wearable choice which adds a lot of grace and sophistication for anyone who plans to carry it.


  • Faux or genuine leather material
  • Black base color
  • Full sleeves with woolen edges
  • Waistline with woolen edges
  • Zipped closure at front
  • Collars like a shirt
  • Pockets at the front
  • Various sizes to choose from


Caring Tips

This jacket is simple and hassle free at the same time it has been made with leather so taking care of it is not a difficult thing so you may easily wash at home by soaking in the detergent and washing with hands without any hassle at all.

 Benefits of Product

This jacket is a very casual jacket so the buyer may easily carry it formally as well as causally so this aims to be the most important benefits; secondly the making is very durable so you may wear it for years and years.

1 review for Mens A2 USAAF Air Force Aviator Cockpit Bomber Distressed Black Leather Jacket

  1. Jose S. Martinez (verified owner)

    I ordered this jacket for myself and I am glad that we now have such platforms offering such great jackets in a very minimal price and timely delivery, so this is something ideally impressive.

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